The Best Places to Find Private Jets for Sale

Payal Shah

The Best Places to Find Private Jets for Sale

With over 3.5 million private aircraft takeoffs last year, the business aviation industry is growing more popular than ever. Flying in a private jet used to be synonymous with the greatest exclusivity and grand luxury. 

Even though private jet memberships, charters, and rentals are leading this growing trend, some people still choose to buy or charter private jet.

The Best Places to Find Private Jets for Sale

More and more people are prepared to spend extra money to buy their own private jet. While it is more expensive than the other choices. 

What are some of the best methods to buy a private jet, thinking about that it’s not always an easy choice to make. Let’s explore.

1. Jetcraft

This company shows its reputation for transparency, dependability, and quality and has been selling private jets for more than 60 years. 

Similar to Boutsen, the website mainly showcases conventional private jets powered by turbofans. Similar aircraft are listed on the website, including Gulfstream G550 business jets and Bombardier Challenger 604 business jets.

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Also, the website is user-friendly, allowing a quick search of the company’s whole inventory. 

Jetcraft continues to hold a dominant position in the commercial aviation industry, offering worldwide advisory services in addition to leasing and selling aircraft. 

The platform creates reports and insights that it provides to potential buyers, bragging about its huge industry knowledge and experience.

2. Aircraft Manufacturers

Dealing directly with the preferred aircraft manufacturer is the best option when buying a private jet, provided that money isn’t a major barrier and that a brand-new, fully customized, and personalized aircraft is desired. 

For instance, Embraer recently reported that a large number of its former charter customers have shifted to contacting the business directly in order to purchase their own aircraft.

Like other manufacturers such as Bombardier and Dassault Aviation, Embraer offers a broad selection of private jets that cater to different customer needs. 

The range includes entry-level aircraft for first-time buyers who are cautious and mid sized and long range aircraft for those with long-haul requirements. 

When buyers deal directly with aircraft manufacturers, they cut out the middleman and probably save time when buying the aircraft of their choice.

The Bombardier

Bombardier Aviation is a Canadian corporation established by the Bombardier Group. Bombardier expanded its capabilities and reach by strategically acquiring multiple aerospace companies in the 1980s and 1990s. 

After getting popular Canadian aerospace company Canadair and then Learjet, Bombardier became a major player in business and regional aviation.

Bombardier Aviation - Private Jet Charter
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Being one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the United States since 1932, Beechcraft is well known for having invented the business aircraft

Beechcraft is well-known for its multipurpose turboprop King Air series, which was first introduced in the 1960s. The company has always been known for its accuracy and creativity. 

Beechcraft Bonanza and 1900 are two other popular models that are frequently utilized in regional aviation.

Beechcraft Bonanza
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Founded in 1929 by the visionary Marcel Dassault, Dassault Aviation is a French aviation icon that has left a lasting impression in both the military and commercial domains. 

Military aircraft innovations, such as the renowned Mirage series, which demonstrated innovative technology and impressive performance, characterized the company’s early years.

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Founded by William Edward Boeing in Seattle, Washington, in 1916, Boeing has grown into one of the world’s leading aviation companies. 

Boeing, along with Airbus, Dassault, and Bombardier, is a major manufacturer that has made a lasting impression on the aerospace sector. 

It is leading the way in advancing aviation innovation since its founding, bridging the gaps between military, commercial, and defense aviation.

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Boeing has a more than a century-long history, and its influence can be seen in a wide range of industries, including space travel, defense technologies, and aircraft equipment. 

Their commitment to excellence, founded on the vision of its entrepreneurial founder, who was also a pilot, has brought it to the forefront of the aviation industry.

3. Aircraft Brokers

Brokers help buyers with aircraft transactions more than authorized dealers do; they work more like real estate agents but with aircraft instead of cars. 

Dealing with aircraft brokers for purchase lets the company or individual to shop freely across their wide range of connections for what the buyer requires, and in exchange, they typically offer a form of purchase assistance with an upfront broker’s fee.

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Since the aircraft represents the last transaction between the buyer and the aircraft broker, buyers generally prefer brokered aircraft for tax credit exemptions, depending on the state or country. 

Since aircraft brokers operate similarly to real estate brokers, consumers must provide specific information about the price range, kind of aircraft, manufacturer, and brand, among other things, to avoid having to wait a very long time for nothing to happen.

4. Online Marketplaces for private Jet

With a growing number of listing websites from private vendors, brokers, and dealers in recent years, purchasing private jets online has never been simpler. 

These listing websites facilitate buyers’ ability to quickly search for what they’re looking for by highlighting the aircraft model along with other important details like prices and maintenance records.

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Online marketplace channels can be more budget-friendly for buyers in addition to offering a wider selection of options that reduce waiting times. This is because listed prices are nearly always negotiable and mediator fees are rarely needed. 

It’s likely that after a private jet is sold, private sellers, brokers, or dealers on the marketplace will also provide their maintenance contacts, making for a win-win situation.

5. Boutsen Aviation

With a focus on luxurious corporate and executive clients searching for long-range private aircraft, Boutsen Aviation is situated on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Autotrader. 

Boutsen focuses in larger aircraft like the Gulfstream G450 and Dassault Falcon 7X, but you can also find some turboprops and helicopters on the broker’s website.

Dassault Falcon 7X
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On the website, you can even see some VIP-equipped variants of standard passenger aircraft, like an Airbus A318. The company recently sold an executive version of an Airbus A340, according to the website.

Also, Boutsen is highly regarded for the caliber of its aircraft and services; the company even boasts on its website that it was awarded a special distinction by the Prince of Monaco. 

Although prices aren’t displayed clearly online, the user interface is usually simple to use.

6. Auctions

Auctions are an additional possibility for buyers to obtain a variety of private jets, including pre-owned, vintage, and occasionally even brand-new models, despite the increased likelihood of leaving without obtaining an aircraft. 

Prices during the auctions are typically far less expensive than the previously mentioned options; however, the degree to which prices drop naturally depends on the level of competition among the bidders.

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For instance, Elvis Presley’s private jet was an incredible deal when it sold at an auction earlier this year for less than $300,000. 

Others, however, have paid less than $500,000, commission and fees included, for their private aircraft. 

The drawback is that the buyer is responsible for paying for shipping, upkeep, and general redesign because the options are typically more vintage and pre-owned.

7. Authorized Aircraft Dealers

Purchasing a personal private jet through an aircraft dealer can be beneficial. 

These companies are typically characterized as legal enterprises that accept aircraft for trade or proactively purchase inventory for resale. 

Purchasing a personal private jet
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This is especially true for buyers who want to trade in an existing aircraft they own for a different model. 

Pre-owned private aircraft are typically always valued by aircraft dealers, making the trade-in process easy.


Renting a private jet is almost always less expensive than buying one for sale. When you reserve an on-demand charter, there are no upfront expenses, yearly maintenance fees, or requirements for crew retention and training.

So, is it worthwhile to own a plane? For most people, the high initial costs and annual maintenance fees make owning a private plane unfeasible. 

Instead, just pay for what you use and take advantage of the flexibility and independence that private jet charters offer.

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