How Charter Flights Work and Why They’re Popular

Payal Shah

How Charter Flights Work and Why They're Popular

If not a luxurious form of travel that guarantees privacy and exclusivity in a manner that even business class cannot match, then what is a charter flight?

Private charter flights guarantee that you arrive on time and in style, regardless of whether you are motivated by a packed work schedule or a desire to unwind.

There will not be crammed airports, protracted security lines, or awful onboard food when you travel with a charter. 

Jet charter flights give you back your time and privacy in addition to being an efficient means of transportation from point A to point B.

How Charter Flights Work and Why They're Popular

What’s the Meaning of a Charter Flight?

Any flight scheduled outside of the regular airline schedule is considered a charter flight. Both individuals and businesses reserve charters for particular journeys.

For example, a luxury all inclusive resort could hire a charter plane specifically for the occasion to provide transportation as part of a unique holiday package. 

An executive could also schedule a charter flight to get from one meeting in Santa Monica to another in San Francisco quickly.

The majority of the time, charter flights are reserved as a whole aircraft rather than by seat. 

As a result, you are free to use the aircraft whenever and wherever you choose. 

Additionally, it guarantees that you won’t board a plane full of strangers and will only travel with other passengers if any of your choosing.

The advantages of charter flights

There are numerous advantages to using charter flight services. The unifying theme is freedom more freedom to travel whenever and however you choose, without restrictions.

1. Unique experience

Everything about your charter trip is customized to meet your needs, including the schedule, the location, and the onboard amenities. 

Your subsequent journey will be personalized and tailored to your every need thanks to private charter flights.

2. Benefits of saving time

Traveling through major commercial hubs often results in lengthy lineups and security delays; this is mitigated by flying private. 

With a private airport, you can arrive just minutes before takeoff and still depart on time without any hassles. Additionally, you’ll benefit from nonstop travel without the hassles and delays that come with layovers.

3. Freedom and Privacy

By renting the jet, you and any other passengers you choose to travel with are guaranteed exclusive use of it. 

This guarantees that there won’t be congested airports or passengers sharing a cabin with dozens or even hundreds of others. 

Flying private cuts down on the hundreds of public encounters that occur when navigating commercial airports and flights to just a few.

4. More Travel Destinations

Unlike American Airlines and Delta, which are limited to operating out of specific public airports and major city hubs, charter flights allow you to fly into over 5,000 smaller private airports across the country, making your next destination even closer.

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5. Flexible Timetable

No more redeyes or flights departing at five in the morning, unless that’s how you want to travel. The schedule for private charters is set by you, not by the airline. 

They let you schedule an early Monday morning meeting while extending your weekend getaway until Monday morning.

Types of services offered for charter flights

There are four levels of charters, each available to a different market, hidden beneath the question, “What is a charter flight?”

1. A private charter flight

The full cost of the aircraft’s exclusive use is borne by you, the booking agent. You are in control of the itinerary, the places of departure and arrival, the in flight comforts, and the other passengers you fly with.

2. Open Charter

Bookings for public charters are usually made by tour operators and travel agencies; these reservations are seasonal and frequently included in all-inclusive travel packages.

3. Cargo

Destination and schedule are still under the booker’s control. These aircraft, however, are made to move objects, not people. 

For example, they are meant to transport a private art collection or an urgent shipment of large cargo between two businesses.

Charter Sharing Flights

Charter sharing, also known as fly share services, is a hybrid of commercial and private aviation that rents out individual seats on private jets as opposed to the entire aircraft. 

Enjoy the benefits of private travel while sharing the cabin with a select group of other well screened travelers. The schedule is defined by the charter operator, not by you.

Reviewing Charter vs Commercial Flights

There are certain parallels between flying on a private charter and a typical commercial flight aside from the means of transportation. 

A private charter experience is incomparable, even if you paid to upgrade to business class.

Reservation Experience

For charter flight services, there are even differences in the booking process. If you travel for business, you’ll need to search Expedia or similar websites to locate a flight that is available at a reasonable price. 

The airline’s schedule may work and seats are available occasionally, but more often than not, it doesn’t and you have to make due.

The airline’s schedule may work and seats are available occasionally, but more often than not, it doesn’t and you have to make due.

Alternatively, you will frequently deal with a broker who handles all of the negotiating on your behalf when you book a charter

They start by understanding your requirements and go above and beyond to find the ideal jet for the task.

We’ve further simplified the booking process at Volato if you’d like to forego the broker step. 

Direct booking is now possible. Obtain a quote for your upcoming private charter flight as soon as possible, and then collaborate with our concierge team to finalize the details.

Financial Factors

Private flights are more expensive. You are, after all, scheduling the entire flight, not just a particular seat. 

The cost of a charter flight is many times higher than that of a regular commercial ticket and includes all expenses, including crew, fuel, and operator insurance.

Airport Firsthand Experience

Private airports host the great majority of charter flights. One of the most important distinctions from private travel is this. 

Instead of hundreds of people mingling through public terminals, interactions now take place between a small group of passengers and the charter staff.

How to Book a Charter Aircraft

When scheduling a private flight, a charter broker will typically be involved. Brokers are familiar with all the ins and outs of charter, including jet classes, passenger and baggage maximums, and other details. 

They also maintain connections with charter operators. They facilitate a seamless booking experience.

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