7 of the Best Light Jets for Business Travel 2024

Payal Shah

7 of the Best Light Jets for Business Travel 2024

Are you trying to find the best light jet to make your business trips easier? We are fully aware of how important it is to guarantee effectiveness, maximum comfort, and affordability when choosing the right aircraft. 

We’ve put together a list of the best very light business jet models to help you with this task, specifically suited to your corporate travel requirements. 

Our list of highly adaptable jets has everything you need, whether you’re looking for the best light business jet or the most impressive ultra light jet.

7 of the Best Light Jets for Business Travel 2024

1. Eclipse 500

Very light jet technology went through a radical revolution with the introduction of the Eclipse 500 in 2002. Despite being classified as a light aircraft, it has room for five passengers. 

Performance is definitely not compromised by the Eclipse 500. It is very competitive in the VLJ category, with a maximum cruise speed of 370 knots true airspeed, and the ability to soar up to 41,000 feet. 

Its lightweight, all aluminum body, which provides a visible advantage in fuel efficiency, is an important part of its exceptional performance. 

Still, its advantages are not limited to how well it performs. The carefully furnished interior of the Eclipse 500 is another noteworthy feature. 

A stylish and practical space for travel is created by the LX edition’s leather seats, stowable inboard armrests, LED lighting throughout the cabin, and standard work/dining table and cup holders (there are three in the LX edition). 

However, even the best light jets have their drawbacks. The Eclipse 500’s main drawback is that there are no onboard restrooms, which may not be ideal for longer flights.

Light Jets for Business Travel
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2. Hondajet HA-420

Before making its first flight on December 3, 2003, the HA-420 HondaJet completed about 200 hours of flight testing to confirm its performance and characteristics. 

The Hondajet’s over the wing engine arrangement is one of its most remarkable features. The full width cabin is located farther aft due to the lack of a carry through structure for engine mounts in the aft fuselage. 

A benefit not seen in other extremely light jets is the extra 30% of space that this tactical arrangement creates within the specific dimensions. 

This design is among the most efficient light jets available because it reduces drag even at higher speeds. 

The HondaJet’s fuselage is made of composite material, namely a lightweight sandwich made of co-cured carbon composite and honeycomb, which ensures strength without sacrificing lightness. 

The wings have a smoother surface than traditional designs because they are made of single aluminum sheets. The branch also makes use of Honda’s patented laminar SHM-1 airfoil, which reduces turbulence. 

Even with its thickness, it guarantees minimal drag at high speeds. Additionally, the nose design helps in creating laminar flow, which further reduces drag. 

Honda claims an amazing 40% increase in fuel efficiency when paired with the fuel-efficient HF-118 engines. 

The pilot’s seat of the aircraft has an integrated avionics system and a Garmin G-1000 glass setup with three displays. 

With just one pilot, the HondaJet can carry up to five passengers or four passengers plus two crew members.

3. Phenom 100

Beautifully housed in a small but sturdy design, the Embraer Phenom 100 achieves an amazing balance between performance, efficiency, and reliability. 

It is a clear favorite in its class for people looking to charter a private jet because of its innovative technology and unmatched comfort. 

This lovely aircraft has comfortable seating for four or five people in the main cabin, and if needed, there is also additional seating available in the belted restroom. 

Although it is possible to carry up to seven passengers when an additional passenger sits in the cockpit with one pilot, private charters usually do not have this option. 

The Phenom 100’s luggage hold can easily accommodate four large and medium-sized suitcases as well as four pieces of hand luggage, so storage is not really an issue. The Phenom 100 is more impressive when it comes to an upgrade. 

Thus, the Embraer Phenom 100 is a jet that is extremely light and combines comfort, advanced technology, and outstanding performance in a balanced manner. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

4. Bombardier Learjet 45

Bombardier private jet charter, a light jet that combines comfort and efficiency, makes a strong case for itself as a great option for individuals looking for high performance at an affordable price. 

A better version that was released in 2004 is the Learjet 45XR, which further enhances the experience. With its higher takeoff weights, faster climb rates, and higher cruise speeds, this upgrade makes a strong case for light jets. 

This sophisticated model sets the standard for light jet performance by masterfully encapsulating the cutting-edge technology that the Learjet name is synonymous with.

5. CESSNA Citation CJ4

It means the highest point of aviation’s future generation. Every journey will start with awe and end with ultimate satisfaction thanks to this beautifully built aircraft that radiates elegance and innovation. 

With features that improve functionality, like COOLVIEW skylights, and a striking exterior, the interior of cessna private jet charter is easily adjusted for comfort. 

The CJ4 Gen2 jet incorporates the COLLINS AEROSPACE PRO LINE 21 avionics suite, allowing for effective single-pilot operation and maintaining the tested performance of its predecessor. 

Outstanding crew members and passengers expect Citation jets to have single point refueling, an externally serviceable lavatory, and an impressive range. These are among its noteworthy features. 

Known for being the best aircraft in its class for single pilot operations, this model excels in serving both independent operators and corporate flight departments. 

6. The Pilatus Pc-24

When it comes to smooth, cozy, and adaptable flying, the Pilatus PC-24 is the best of the bunch. With room for up to eight passengers, this twin-engine light jet built in Switzerland is a great option for both business and pleasure travel. 

This jet stands out due to its impressive range, which allows it to go from Toronto to well-known locations in Florida without stopping. 

The Pilatus PC-24’s amazing maximum altitude of 45,000 feet, which enables it to soar above unfavorable weather conditions with ease and ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, is one of its main highlights. 

It is also well known for having short takeoff and landing distances, which makes it perfect for traveling to isolated areas with little access to airstrips. 


Do you want to take your business endeavors to the next level with cutting-edge avionics, unparalleled speed, and opulent cabin amenities? Maybe the best option is the Premier 1A. 

One of Beechcraft’s best-ever products, this single-pilot business jet has the largest cabin in its class and a great cruise speed.

With an 11% lower direct operating expenses per nautical mile than its competitors, such as the Cessna Citation CJ2+, the Premier 1A stands out for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Compared to the closest light jet competitor, it can cruise at 500–50 miles per hour or carry four passengers over 1,000 nautical miles. 


Choosing the best very light jets is largely based on what you require. However, each of the seven ten models we’ve outlined guarantees a better, more comfortable, and financially viable business travel experience whether it’s speed, luxury, or affordability. 

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