Check Out the Top 5 Fastest Private Jets in the World

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Top 5 Fastest Private Jets in the World

There is no doubt that the US private jet charter market is one where speed is required. 

In reaction to the growing demand for faster aircraft and larger cabins, manufacturers are striving to push the boundaries of modern engineering by producing jets that travel even faster than sound.

Sometimes, airspeed is measured in Mach units, where Mach 1 (767 mph) is the speed of sound. 

Private jets usually exceed the Mach 0.75 (575 mph) cruise speed that most commercial aircraft normally fly at in their quest to become the fastest aircraft in the sky.

Top 5 Fastest Private Jets in the World

Why Is Traveling By Private Jet The Fastest Option?

There are a number of reasons why traveling by private jet is thought to be the fastest option. 

First of all, compared to airliners, private jets are faster and more emission-efficient due to their comparatively. The vast majority of them have a fuselage composed of aluminum and composite materials.

A private jet’s high power-to-weight ratio in the aviation industry is also a result of its powerful engines, which are made by companies like General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce.

The ability to avoid lengthy lines at busy airports is another benefit of using a private aircraft. In just 15 minutes on average, passengers can reach private terminals (FBOs) and finish all required checks. 

Additionally, private jets provide the benefit of schedule flexibility and the option to land at smaller airports nearer to the ultimate destination.

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Why Does A Private Jet Have To Be Fast?

60% of private jet flights are used by transport professionals who have hectic schedules and cannot afford to waste time, which is the main reason why speed is necessary in these aircraft.

For these professionals to travel quickly and effectively, business aviation is a necessary tool because of its efficiency and speed. 

This is the reason why the power and speed of private jets are so important to their manufacturers.

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What Is The Speed Limit Of A Private Jet?

The size and motorization of private jets impact their speed. Private aircraft can travel between 500 and 550 mph (800 and 890 kph) on average. 

Nonetheless, certain models—such as the Gulfstream G650—are capable of reaching top speeds of 675 mph (1,086 kph). 

A private jet’s maximum speed can also be influenced by outside factors like the weight of the aircraft and the weather.

  • Ultra-light private aircraft can reach speeds of 372 to 466 mph (600-750 kph). They usually have one to five seats
  • Light private aircraft can reach speeds of 434 to 528 mph (700-850 kph), and they usually seat five to seven people
  • With 8 to 10 seats, medium-sized private jets can reach speeds of 484 to 577 mph (780-930 kph)
  • Private aircraft used for long-haul travel typically have 10 to 16 seats and reach speeds of 528 to 690 mph (850-1,111 kph)

Here are the top 5 fastest private jets in the world are listed below

1. Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X – Mach 0.9

Early in May 2005, Dassault’s Falcon 7X, equipped with three Pratt & Whitney PW307A turbofan engines, made its airborne debut. 

The 8X, its replacement, made its first flight almost ten years later. 

Even though their maximum speeds are the same, Mach 0.9 (516 knots, 956 km/h), the modern derivative is equipped with new avionics, an extended cabin, updated engines, and a longer range.

Dassault Falcon 7X and 8X
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Aviation Week claims that because the Falcon 7X was the first business jet to feature true fly-by-wire capabilities, a feature found in their combat aircraft, it benefited from the manufacturer’s experience building military fighters. 

Because there are multiple customizable cabin sections that allow for a variety of use cases, passengers can enjoy the plane to the same extent as pilots do.

2. Dassault Falcon 2000LXS, Mach 0.86 (660 mph)

One of the best private aircraft in the Falcon 2000 series is the Dassault Falcon 2000LXS. 

This aircraft is perfect for both business and leisure travel because of its remarkable short-field and long-range performance. 

With a range of 4603 mi (7408 km) and a top speed of Mach 0.86, the 2000LXS is well-suited to travel to locations all over the world.

Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
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This aircraft’s cabin is renowned for being roomy and peaceful. In comparison to the 2000LX, its predecessor, it is even two decibels quieter. 

In business aviation, the Falcon 2000LXS, which debuted in 2014, is regarded as a benchmark. 

With its opulent and cozy cabin that can accommodate up to 12 people, it is ideal for long-haul flights up to 4,775 miles.

3. Bombardier Global 6000, Mach 0.89 (682 mph)

Being the creation of one of the most recognizable names in aviation, the Bombardier Global 6000 is an incredible aircraft that is among the finest and fastest private jets available. 

Even before you step on board, the 6000 is a stunning ship because of its classic white exterior and subtle gold accents. 

At its fastest, it can reach Mach 0.89, or 682 mph. In the current market, the aircraft’s 11,110 km IFR range has proven to be a selling point for buyers.

Bombardier Global 6000
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The interiors of all private planes are wonderful, but Bombardier’s flagship model is particularly noteworthy. 

The aircraft, with its most advanced cockpit and what Bombardier describes as the “biggest and longest sitting cabin of any real business jet,” represents everything that the private aviation sector stands for. 

Compared to regular airplanes, larger windows increase natural light and view by forty percent, and the private cabin—which includes a private bathroom and shower must be the highlight.

4. Dassault Falcon 10X, Mach 0.92 (705 mph)

With its amazing features and state-of-the-art technology, the Dassault Falcon 10X business jet is set to revolutionize the aviation industry.

One of its most striking features is its cabin, which is the biggest and coziest in the business aviation market.

Passengers can enjoy unparalleled comfort and luxury in the Falcon 10X thanks to its expanded interior design options and enhanced versatility.

Dassault Falcon 10X
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Additionally, the Falcon 10X has a new fuselage with 38 extra-large windows, which is about 50% larger than the windows on the Falcon 8X. 

The cabin measures 9.08 feet in width and 6.6 feet in height, which makes it roughly 0.65 feet wider and 0.16 feet taller than the tallest business jets in use today. Its top speed, measured in Mach 0.92, is displayed.

The Pearl 10X engine from Rolls-Royce, which has a thrust output of more than 18,000 pounds, will also power the aircraft. The third and most potent member of the Pearl engine family from the company, created in collaboration with Rolls Royce and Dassault, is the Pearl 10X. 

The combustor tiles on this next generation engine are 3D printed, a result of an intricate additive layer manufacturing process that increases the propulsion system’s efficiency in the aircraft.

5. Bombardier Global 8000, Mach 0.94 (721 mph)

The highest quality private aircraft with remarkable speed and range is the Bombardier Global 8000. 

The Global 8000 became the fastest private aircraft in the world when it reached Mach 0.94 (721 mph) during test flights. 

With an amazing range of 8,500 miles (13,679 kilometers), the jet was first put into service in December 2018. 

Bombardier Global 8000
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As a result, the Global 8000 can now reach tens of thousands of widely recognized city pairs, including extremely long-distance connections like London to Perth, Dubai to Houston, and Singapore to Los Angeles.

The luxurious cabin of the Global 8000 is one of its primary attributes. The aircraft has three separate suites, each with an emphasis on maximum passenger comfort and convenience. 

To guarantee that every customer’s needs are satisfied, the cabin can also be tailored to the owner’s specifications. 

Only the Global 8000 has modern facilities nice Touch cabin management system, which makes a variety of cabin settings simple and comfortable to change.

The Global 8000 also features advanced engineering to ensure flight safety. With an industry leading flight envelope protection system and a balance of control input freedom, the fly-by-wire system is engineered to maximize safety. 

All things considered, the Bombardier Global 8000 is an excellent aircraft that provides its occupants with both speed and luxury.


Although there are many more private aircraft available, we have selected the top three based on availability, performance, and cost. 

They are the most widely used and popular with the public. Look no further if you’re searching for something trustworthy and quick. 

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