5 Things You Need to Know About Empty Leg Flights in Private and Business Aviation

Payal Shah

5 Things You Need to Know About Empty Leg Flights in Private and Business Aviation

In recent years, the private and business aviation sector has experienced rapid growth. That should come as no surprise given the constant pressure for efficiency and time in today’s world.

The most stress free, productive, and comfortable mode of transportation is probably private aviation. However, it is frequently far more expensive than flying commercially for the same distance. 

Time is money for many, and the time savings on a private flight typically outweigh the higher cost of a charter.

Cost, however, frequently plays a significant role for a lot of people when it comes to planning trips and selecting the most practical mode of transportation.

Thankfully, there is a method to lower the cost of flying privately by using empty legs, also known as empty leg flights.

5 Things You Need to Know About Empty Leg Flights in Private and Business Aviation

The details of these empty leg flights, their advantages, and things to consider when reserving this kind of charter flight will all be covered in this post.

What is an Empty Leg?

As the name indicates an empty leg is a one-way private or business jet flight with no passengers. 

This is the result of the aircraft having to position itself before or after the “live” flight when a customer books a one-way ticket.

To clarify this, let us look at an example.

Assume that Jack, a fictional client of ours, must travel to Switzerland immediately for family matters. Bob lives close to Antwerp. 

His preferred departure airport is Antwerp in Belgium but at this time there aren’t any aircraft (or crew) available there that meet his requirements. 

Advantages of Empty Leg

Why Would Someone Want to Reserve a Flight with No Legs?

As was previously mentioned, empty legs can be very beneficial for travelers heading in the same direction as the planned trip of the empty leg.

The price has been significantly lowered, to start

Because private jet flights have certain requirements that are set by the live leg, empty leg seats are often a more affordable option when scheduling travel. 

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This results in a lower charter cost but also less flexibility, which we will discuss later on below.

Stay in Contact to Save Time and Money

On our website, you can find Presidential’s empty leg options for a future trip with a flexible schedule. 

The best way to find the right option for you is to check back often or subscribe to our Empty Leg Alerts, as they change almost daily. Ultimately, it still takes a lot less work than it does to reserve a seat on a commercial airline.

The business of jet charter is expanding. Businesses are realizing more and more of the advantages that a modern, efficient flight provides. 

Men and women who put in a lot of effort and recognize the benefits of stress free, comfortable travel oversee these companies, which increases employee productivity.

Savings on Costs

Empty leg jets present a chance to reduce expenses. Customers can reserve these aircraft, which are usually used for one-way flights, for a lot less money than they would pay for a typical round-trip ticket. 

The aircraft does not have to return to its point of origin, so instead of flying back with an empty cabin, it starts to make money.

The use of empty leg jets can result in significant cost savings. Prices can sometimes be lowered by up to 50%, which makes them far more reasonable than typical round-trip airfare. 

They are a fantastic choice for people wishing to reserve luxury transportation because this is often the case even for one way travel.

Unique Travel Experiences

Empty leg jets offer more than just cost savings; they also provide unforgettable experiences.

With an empty leg jet flight, travellers can avoid long lines at the airport, enjoy more privacy, and fly directly to their destination without making any stops. 

Furthermore, because these flights are often scheduled quickly with limited availability, customers have the opportunity to experience exotic destinations in ways that are not available on traditional commercial flights.

The ability to schedule with flexibility

The advantage of empty leg jet flights is that passengers can select their route and destination, and they can schedule their flight at any time. 

This implies that tourists, regardless of whether they want a short trip or a longer journey, can customize their travel experience to meet their needs. 

Because booking an empty leg jet charter eliminates the need for two full-price tickets, the availability of these flights also enables travelers to save money.

Passengers who book an empty leg jet charter have more control over their trip and can tailor it to their preferences and financial situation without compromising comfort or convenience.

Getting Into Private Airports

In addition to offering more quiet and privacy, private airports enable travelers to avoid the lengthy lineups and tiresome security checks that are typical of commercial airports.

Utilizing private airports can also lessen the stress associated with traveling because they foster a more tranquil and laid-back environment than commercial airports. 

When traveling with young children or for those who are uncomfortable in large crowds, this can be extremely helpful. 

Private airports also frequently have shorter wait times due to the lower passenger volume, which can be a huge benefit for business travelers looking to make the most of their time while traveling.


Travelers can take advantage of several advantages when using empty leg jets, such as reduced expenses, distinctive travel experiences, scheduling flexibility, access to private airports, and first rate amenities. 

Travelers who reserve an empty leg jet are able to take advantage of several benefits that are not offered by commercial airlines.

A vacant leg flight is a great way to see the benefits of using a private jet for a meeting, vacation, or corporate event if you’ve been thinking about doing so. Enjoy a safe, productive, and enjoyable trip for yourself.

The most alluring advantage for budget conscious travelers is frequently the cost savings connected with empty leg aircraft. Because empty leg jets are usually returning from a one way flight and have no passengers on board, they allow travelers to get discounted rates on flights. 

In order to fill the aircraft and lower costs for the operator and the passenger, this enables empty leg jet operators to offer discounted rates for the flight.

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