The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Private Jet Villa

Payal Shah

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Private Jet Villa

Have you ever imagined yourself checking into a hotel that is unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced on a stunning tropical island? 

If so, the Private Jet Villa in Uluwatu on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia, may be of interest to you. 

The first ever luxury hotel built inside a former Boeing 737 200 jet airliner is called the Private Jet Villa.

Located approximately 500 feet above the Indian Ocean on a cliff, the opulent Private Jet Villa can house up to four guests in its two opulent suites, each with its own en suite bathroom. 

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Private Jet Villa

Felix Demin, a 33 year old Russian entrepreneur and extreme sports athlete, first developed the Bubble Hotel Chain and “Bali Investments,” a private villa construction company, before coming up with the idea for the Private Jet Villa in 2024.

Mandal Airlines previously owned the Boeing 737-200 aircraft

The assets of low cost Indonesian airline Mandala Airlines were sold to the highest bidders during its liquidation in 2014. 

An Australian purchased the now 41 year old aircraft with the registration PK RII with the intention of converting it into a nightclub. But the vision never materialized, and he abandoned the plane.

Demin had the brilliant idea of transforming the abandoned aircraft into an environmentally friendly luxury villa that he could offer for rent to tourists visiting Bali after learning about it. Corporate events and weddings could also use the plane.

Private Jet Villa
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Denim was eager to involve another investor in the project because he had big plans for it. This is where Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB officer who later became a banker, came in. 

Lebedev met Demin through a mutual friend while on vacation in Bali with his family. As an aviation enthusiast, he was drawn to the concept of converting a Boeing 737 into an opulent villa.

Using the unwanted aircraft to create something that people could enjoy was another aspect of the project that Lebedev found submitting an appeal. 

After being transported to the clifftop location, Demin secured Lebedev’s $200,000 commitment to the project.

The construction process took longer than expected

The project moved slowly forward as it dealt with issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and was ultimately finished in December 2023. 

The Private Jet Villa, which is currently accessible to visitors, quickly rose to the top of the list of upscale resorts worldwide.

The cost of a reservation for the Private Jet Villa starts at slightly over $2,000 per night, and it can go up to $6,500 on certain dates. 

In addition, the Private Jet Villa has a helipad that enables helicopter transportation of visitors from Denpasar International Airport (DPS) to the villa.

cost of a reservation for the Private Jet Villa
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The price per night for the private Jet Villa ranges from $2,000 – $14,000

Some features of the Private Jet Villa include:

  • A personal staff of butlers
  • A personal over wing bar where visitors can enjoy beverages and take in the breathtaking Bali sunset
  • A lavish menu created by the head chef of the villa
  • Luxurious towels and bed linens
  • Amazing cockpit jacuzzi
  • A luxurious suite featuring a hand sculpted marble bathtub
  • An infinite swimming pool with glass walls
  • Maintained proper grounds featuring a picnic area and an outdoor fireplace
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Reasons to Book a Private Jet Villa Holiday

Vacations in private jet villas are popular with people looking for genuine comfort, luxury, seclusion, and that almost indescribable sense of being away from the crowds.

When paired with our amazing selection of luxury villas located throughout the world, private jet charter is able to provide a “one-stop shop” type of specialized service for your ideal aircraft and luxurious villa stay.

Book a Private Jet Villa Holiday
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Bringing You Closer to the Goal You Have Set

Smaller airports make it simple to reach many of the world’s stunning locations. 

Private jets are often welcomed to some of Europe’s breathtaking islands in the Mediterranean and Adriatic. Bol Airport, located on Brac Island, Croatia, is able to take aircraft up to the Airbus 319 thanks to its recently extended runway. 

A Short Drive From The Airport Gets You To A Large Array Of Luxurious Villas

Similarly, private aircraft is the ideal means of transportation to the Greek islands, Sardinia, and Sicily in Italy. 

Siena’s Ampugnano airport will guarantee that you reach your Italian getaway quickly for your luxurious villa. 

Private jets can be accommodated at Dubai World Central Airport, which has a well earned reputation for providing quick, personalized service. These are a handful of instances of global entry points. 

Flexibility and Time Saving

Choose your own plan from over 5,000 international airports that are reachable by private aircraft, advancing you toward your villa. 

Private terminals at many of these airports allow for check-in times of only 15 or 30 minutes, with no waits no formalities, and none of the typical crowded airport experience.  

Similarly, upon arrival, you can get off quickly and then take a prearranged limousine, speed boat, or helicopter to your beautiful villa.

Aircraft Suitable For All Size

There are private jets that can accommodate two to sixty persons. A beachfront villa with a private yacht, chef, masseuse, and yoga instructor became the only residence for a group of more than ten extended guests.

Excellent Value Combined With Last Minute Travel

Nobody has the ability to plan far in advance. Seven days a week, A few respond quickly to reservations, incorporating all requested and specified details and having the aircraft ready to fly in two hours. 

As flights get more affordable as they approach their departure date, particularly in the final four to six weeks before departure, private jet travel accommodates “last minute” requests.

Take advantage of “empty legs,” in which a plane flies one sector without carrying any passengers, to save as much as 75%. 

It makes sense that families and groups of friends are choosing private jet travel over other modes of transportation more and more.

Experience Life on Board: Private Jet in Flight

You should expect a roomy and relaxing flight with lots of seating and a generous luggage allowance. 

Some aircraft have full-sized beds available. Preferred beverages and meals can be served with reading material, flowers, and special linen as part of the onboard personalized service. You can request Wi-Fi. 

To put it another way, this highly customized service makes for a more enjoyable travel experience, and your preferences will be saved for any subsequent private jet travel you may need.

It’s About A Luxurious Villa Holiday

The main goals of a vacation at a villa are leisure and privacy at your own speed. Every one of our villas is unique and wonderful. 

A popular feature is outdoor dining on terraces with views of the sea or the pool.  Personal butlers, chefs, yoga or fitness instructors, hairstylists, beauticians, and even a dog groomer who come to visit are all offered, along with unique experiences and activities like water sports, tennis, cooking classes, fishing, wine tasting, tours of local history, market shopping with the chef, and even painting lessons. 

It goes without saying that a premium rental car can be delivered to your villa at a time that suits your needs.

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